BF4DB plugin violates EA ToS

After hearing of illegitimate bans and seeing some sketchy stuff related to the BF4DB plugin, I decided to take a look at it and see what it was doing. I noticed it was coded to force admin team switches upon spawn for anyone flagged by BF4DB as a “cheater”, however admin team switching is supposed to be disallowed on Official servers. I noticed its using an undocumented command to team switch players on Official servers.

This is clearly in violation of the EA ToS ( section 6. Rules of Conduct that states: “When you access or use an EA Service, you agree that you will not:” bulletpoint #16 of that section then states: “Use exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors or problems in an EA Service.” The BF4DB team know that this is an exploit in violation of the ToS as you can see here in the bottom 2 posts on their forum: Bulletpoint #18 under the same section 6 may also apply to their service: “Attempt to use an EA Service on or through any service that is not controlled or authorized by EA.”

They are blatantly violating the ToS and are simply relying on EA not to enforce it in regards to BF4, hoping EA abandoned it when BF1 came out. This is an exploit/undocumented feature and EA needs to put a stop to this and any Official servers violating the ToS using exploits/undocumented commands such as this.


When you make your server Official, you give up alot of control, but in return you get quick join players. So you can think of Official servers as servers run under EA/DICE rules, as opposed to Ranked servers which can do almost anything.

People joining Official servers expect that experience, not to be harrassed by a MadMin team switching them over and over or being unofficially banned on an Official server. If you want to do whatever you need to run a Ranked server, not Official, thats the way its been for years now and I think it works out good. Official servers run under EA/DICE rules are necessary because unfortunately there are quite alot of badmins out there, and having Official servers with limited control ensures people still get to play the game they paid for.

I used to be opposed to the way EA/DICE decided to implement the Rent a Server program in BF1 with regard to admin control, but after personally seeing these exploits/undocumented features being abused on Official servers, I have changed my mind and think they did the right thing in taking away RCON access and control over BF1 servers. Its unfortunate, but I now think it was necessary because the admin community abused their power so thoroughly.


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